Welcome to the Ontario Caregiver Organization

Welcome to the Ontario Caregiver Organization


If you are a family member, partner, friend or neighbour providing personal, social and psychological support to someone in need, you’re not alone.

3.3 million people in Ontario are caregivers. Their role is 24 hours, seven days a week. Caregivers have voiced their frustration; they find it hard to find the information they need and navigate a complicated system. Caregivers have made it clear that they are overwhelmed and struggling to cope.

The Ontario Caregiver Organization was created in the Spring of 2018 as an independent corporation that functions arms-length from government. Our goal is to ease the stress and burden that caregivers experience when caring for a loved one.   

The Ontario Caregiver Organization has a clear mandate, as outlined by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.

Our strategic priorities are:

  • Enhancing access to resources for caregivers by decreasing silos, closing gaps and sharing successes.  Creating, coordinating and highlighting initial easy-to-use resources for caregivers and organizations.
  • Co-creating solutions for caregivers by working with networks of individuals, organizations and advisory groups.  Connecting with organizations and individual caregivers to build networks of contributors who will work to inform, guide and enhance services and supports for caregivers.
  • Inspiring innovation and amplifying existing programs.  Partnering with existing organizations and programs to accelerate successful, sustainable solutions to address caregiver needs across Ontario.
  • Increasing public awareness of the role of caregivers in our communities.  Educating caregivers and the people of Ontario about the role and value of caregiving in Ontario.
  • Understanding Ontario’s caregivers and their needs.  Leading research into Ontario’s caregivers to understand the different profiles and diverse needs of caregivers, and to tailor programs and services to meet their needs.
  • Partnering with government to give voice to Ontario’s caregivers.  Working with government to engage caregivers in shaping and advancing government priorities.

The Organization’s mandate is not to duplicate existing services, but to complement them and to build new services where appropriate.

While this work will take time, we’re excited to roll up our sleeves and get started. The programs and services we list on our website is an initial list of some of the services available for Caregivers in our province. Over time, more resources will be added. Where we see gaps in services, The Ontario Caregiver Organization will work to ensure all caregivers have fair access to what they need.  

Learn more about what the Ontario Caregiver Organization is working on.  


Getting Started

The Ontario Caregiver Organization is in the start-up and launch phase. We are setting up the infrastructure of the organization to ensure a strong foundation for success. Here are just a few things we’re working on over fall/winter 2018:

  • Public consultations with caregivers. As our work begins, we want to ensure all caregivers across the province have an opportunity to shape the organization’s direction and priorities.
  • Establish a Caregiver Advisory Structure. Caregivers who wish to act in an advisory role will have the opportunity to provide feedback and inform the work of the Ontario Caregiver Organization. We want this to be easy for caregivers; we’ll look at innovative ways to use technology to engage with caregivers, while also providing opportunities to bring caregivers together to collaborate and share feedback.
  • Enhanced bi-lingual website – our website will provide a reliable way for caregivers to access existing services and supports. Expanding on this is one of our early priorities.
  • Expand our current Board of Directors.
  • Recruit a permanent CEO.
  • Develop our strategic plan.

Our collective opportunity is to create an organization for caregivers that can:

  • Draw on the great work that is currently being done to improve the caregiver experience and find ways to make these services and supports more broadly available.
  • Identify service and support gaps and find new and creative ways to fill these gaps.
  • Help caregivers of all ages, including young caregivers who are as young as 15 years old, find the information they need.
  • Identify siloes and create opportunities to break down those siloes.
  • Promote policies that span ministries because the needs of caregivers cannot just be met by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.
  • Support, align and maximize research that is already available about the caregiver experience so that we are respecting caregiver’s time and not duplicating research that currently exists. Where there are gaps in research, the Ontario Caregiver Organization will provide innovative ways to gather feedback and insights from caregivers.

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