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The Ontario Caregiver Organization has been created to help make it easier for family caregivers. Our focus will be on raising awareness of the caregiving role, connecting caregivers to information and supports and helping to bridge the services available so all caregivers, regardless of age, condition or where they live have access to the same resources. 

We are not here to duplicate services that already exist, but rather to work with organizations who share the same vision and want to find new and innovative ways to expand the existing services that are already valued by caregivers. Our way forward will be rooted in the authentic voice of caregivers and we will use that voice to inform policy and legislation. While this will take time, we are committed to working with caregivers and service providers to make positive and meaningful change.

As part of the early work of the organization, we are building awareness of existing programs and supports that are available to caregivers, creating a caregiver advisory structure so all caregivers have the opportunity to share their voice and contribute to issues that matter to them. We are also starting to identify opportunities to partner with organizations to expand existing programs and services, so all caregivers have fair access to what they need.

For more information on how The Ontario Caregiver Organization came to be, read the Beed Report here

To learn more about our priorities read our 2018-2021 strategic plan here.

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